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I am a 22 year old aspiring software engineer, and am currently a student studying for my Masters of Physics degree at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. I have enjoyed programming since a young age and have recently developed a strong interest in the development of the C++ language and concurrent programming (two things I believe should happen in tandem).

I also enjoy graphic design and website development and often do designs in Photoshop for fun and practice. You can see some of my graphic design in my GraphicRiver items below and in the design for this site.

Welcome to my Portfolio.

Recent Projects - What I've been up to!

AMP Numerics Library

The AMP Numeric Library aims to provide a set of primitives and functions to allow developers to easily take advantage of the GPU for highly parallelizable mathematical functions.

You can find more on the AMP Numeric Library at the Assembla respository or the dedicated page here.


In April 2010, I discovered Envato, and with it GraphicRiver. GraphicRiver is a site for stock graphic templates. These range from Business cards (probably the fullest category), to PowerPoint presentations.

Graphic River is perfect for your print needs or even just to save time whilst web designing.

ViewSat DMS

Between 2011-2013 I worked as a freelance software engineer for ViewSat, where I designed and developed a Data Management System to manage records of all Assets and Services that the company handled.

This project made extensive use of C++11, MFC, Networking and Multithreaded programming.

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