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OCR C3 & C4 Revision Guide

I’m currently in the process of applying to internships, and as I was digging around my Google Drive (which is what I’m using to draft my cover letters) I came across a revision guide I made a couple of years ago to help people with OCR A-level maths revision (specifically the C3 and C4 sections).

I’m sure that there are bits missing, but it covers 5 basic topics:

  1. Lines and basic linear algebra
  2. Differentiation and Integration
  3. Numerical Methods: Root finding & Quadrature methods
  4. Algebra and Functions
  5. Trigonometry

I just thought I’d release it here to see if it can possibly help anyone! (N.B: The wide margins are for notes to self whilst reading).

Download Link: C3 & C4 Revision Guide

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