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Pebble App – App Manager

I recently got a Pebble as a present from my lovely girlfriend and I’ve been toying with the idea of creating an app for it, partly for fun and partly to support the awesome work that I think the guys at Pebble are doing.

I’m aiming to help resolve what I feel is one of the major issues with the Pebble framework at the moment, which is its fixed address app structure. For those who don’t know; you can currently only install a maximum of 8 apps/watchfaces on the watch at any one time regardless of how much space each app or watchface takes up, this means that whilst your Pebble has a storage capacity of 800KB, the majority of that space is likely wasted.

The primary goals of the app can be summarized as follows:

  1. Allow for ‘dynamic’ rearranging of apps and watchfaces to allow for installation and uninstallation from the device without affecting functionality.
  2. Dedicate a small section of the memory to ‘saved data’ for apps, to allow apps to store data even after uninstallation (with the user’s consent of course).

This will be a free and entirely open-source project, hosted at Github (will add a link when I’ve set up a repository), however, it’s quite possible that those folk at Pebble will have implemented this before I get a chance.

I’d appreciate any suggestions/comments that anyone has, you can leave them below (when I get the comments section working), or you can email them to me at (or using the “Contact Me” form below).

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