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SanEco Logo

SanEco Website

I designed and developed the site for the sanitation NGO SanEco. As part of this I developed the following features:

  • Event Manager plugin for WordPress with Microdata
  • Entrepreneur of the Month plugin for WordPress
  • Newsletter Manager plugin for WordPress with heatmap and automated email settings

This was an enjoyable project and one which felt very worthwhile as SanEco do great work in Kenya and are hoping to expand around the world.

Date: March 2015 - April 2015

Categories: Web Design/Development, NGO, PHP, WordPress

AMP Logo

AMP Numerics Library

I am currently in the process of developing a numerics library which contains various mathematical primitives and functions which can aid scientific developers to use GPGPU programming with minimal effort.

Currently the library only supports Vectors, Matrices and arbitrary rank Tensor classes, along with various parallelized numeric integration methods such as Chebyshev-Gauss quadrature, Gaussian quadrature, Trapezoid quadrature etc. and I am currently working on implementing various parallel random number generators such as Sobol, Mersenne Twister and MRG32k3a. You can find out more about it on the Assembla page.

Date: October 2014 - Present

Categories: Programming, C++, Open-source, GPGPU

ViewSat Data Management System screenshot

ViewSat Data Management System

I developed a Data Management system for a telecommunications company called ViewSat. There were various features that were required and implemented, including:

  • Interactive real-time ticketing system
  • Client-server architecture with regular backup thread
  • Intuitive and input-validating user interface for populating database

I made extensive use of the MFC library to create the user interface for the application, and WinSock with multithreading to manage the multiple client connections from the server. Whilst completing this project I learnt a lot about Win32 development and the C++11 standard.

Date: August 2011 - December 2013

Categories: Programming, C++, MFC, Networking

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